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The Yoga Game is an excellent tool to learn Yoga and/or to take yourself to a higher level. It is amazing for YOGA TEACHER TRAININGS. 
The Yoga Game is composed of 75 beautifully drawn cards. All cards are color coded into basic, intermediate and advanced levels. Each card has the yoga pose name written in English on one side and a picture of the pose and Sanskrit name (if there is one) on the reverse side. Also included is a cardholder box, a 90 second sand timer, an instruction manual and a manual demonstrating the proper sun salutations .
The instruction manual includes game directions for team or individual players, an alphabetized list of yoga poses with their Sanskrit* names and their phonetic pronunciations, as well as, a reference guide of photographs demonstrating the yoga poses with the correct body alignment. The Sun Salutation booklet is an added bonus to teach you the Yoga flow series of body movements combined with your breath for the salutes to the sun.
Yoga is a practice to build strength, flexibility and concentration.
This is a perfect gift
to bring your mind, body and soul in perfect harmony!

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